Couch Surfing Tips

This is an ever-growing and changing page. I will add new tips as I learn them! Some of these tips are also just plain good etiquette, as taught to me by my parents and grandparents.

  • Couch surfing is a laid back community full of generous and fun people.
  • Typically wait until about a week before you arrive before requesting a couch. Couch surfing is a “last minute” community.
    • Except for very popular cities, like New Orleans, LA, which fill up quickly!
  • Use common sense when requesting a couch.
    • Choose a gender with which you are comfortable.
    • is NOT a dating site, so don’t treat it that way.
    • Look for hosts who have photos, have been verified, and if possible, have been vouched.
  • Be a great guest!
    • Do NOT treat your hosts as a “hotel”.
    • Contribute to the meals – food, beverages, etc.
    • Help cook.
    • Help wash dishes.
    • If staying more than 1 night, run errands for the host.
    • If you have time (and plan the time, if you can), wash your linens before you leave.
      • If you can’t, at least strip your bed and nicely fold the blankets, etc. Put the sheets by the washing machine.
      • If another surfer is arriving the day you leave, change the linens, if possible.
    • Share your stories. And listen to theirs! Ask questions. You both can learn a lot!