no televisionOkay, I admit it! I like having a TV.

Since I live alone, I use it as “company.” I have it on during the day while I work (usually on HGTV [Home and Garden TV] – my guilty pleasure) and I have my favorite shows in the evenings.

On Sunday mornings, as this morning, I usually watch CBS Sunday Morning, a delightful, upbeat, informative, civilized news program, as I eat some special as my “Sunday breakfast.”

Well, this Sunday morning I have no TV. Why? Because I sold it! What?!? Sold it?!? Why?!?

As part of my downsizing to prepare for my upcoming travels, I have sold almost all of my furniture and other items I won’t need – both now and in the future. I am very thankful of all of the people who stopped by my modest “furniture sale” yesterday and purchased items from me. You have made the beginnings of my adventure possible!

“But… But.. But… What about when you are done traveling?” I hear you say. “Or what if you change your mind?”

Don’t worry! I have that covered! When I am ready to have a “home” again, I am going to buy a motorhome. I call it, “having my own place, but not in one place.” Motorhomes come fully furnished. So I am keeping only a few antiques that I inherited from my grandmother and which will fit nicely into a motorhome.

So did I miss CBS Sunday Morning this morning? Well, uh… I must admit – I cheated. I went to the CBS Sunday Morning website and watched some articles, along with some blueberry waffles, turkey breakfast sausage and strong coffee. Almost as nice!

Now I must work on client projects today before I get back to my sorting and packing. I might just work outside this morning!