530px-Couchsurfing_logoAs you may have read on my About page, I have wanted to travel and stay extended periods in places both in the USA and overseas. With HouseCarers.com, I found the means to stay for free for extended periods in places all over the world.

YESTERDAY I found the resource for free lodging almost anywhere in the world –  CouchSurfing.com!

How did this happen? It was synchronicity at work!

Friday, March 22, was my sixtieth birthday. EEEGADS! 60 years old?!?!? It’s hard for me to believe! But that’s another story…

Yesterday, my girlfriend Karlin and I spent the day wandering one of the small towns near Alpine, Texas, which we tend to do together to celebrate our birthdays. We window shop, perhaps get pedicures, eat lunch, and just plain have a girl’s day out. This day we were in Marathon, Texas.

As we were eating lunch at Johnny B’s Old Fashioned Soda Fountain (milkshakes, greasy cheeseburgers and onion rings — the perfect celebration!), we overheard a young woman talking about her travels. It turns out she was on her way from Georgia to California and back — and she was couch surfing along the way.

My ears perked up! I had heard of couch surfing mentioned several times over the years — primarily on the Today Show, but thought it sounded a little risky. However, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk with an experienced couch surfer! So I asked her to tell us about her travels.

After learning more about couch surfing (see my page on Tips I’ve Learned About Couch Surfing), I knew this was the answer to my lodging obstacle!

Today I have researched the CouchSurfing.com website, have created a profile, and am ready to start my travels!

Next, I need a plan. I’ll let you know when that’s ready.