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Updated: August 23, 2014

TENTATIVE Upcoming Itinerary:
(ALWAYS subject to change!)

  • My stuff (and myself) is currently “parked” in Alpine, Texas
    • When not on a short trip, I am staying at a friend’s family vacation home through November/December 2014. My intention is to buy a motorhome before the end of 2014 – So I have my own place, but not in one place!
  • Tampa, FL

    • Going to Tampa and will be there from August 27 to September 2.
    • The purpose of the trip is for surgery and recovery. Fortunately, a dear friend lives nearby and will be with me! And once cleared by the doc, we plan on some sightseeing, eating, and general touristy stuff!
  • Dallas, TX

    • Heading to Dallas for the big Southwest RV Supershow
    • Arriving Wednesday, September 10, attending the show Thursday and Friday – the quietest days. I MAY go again on Saturday, but the weekends are the most crowded. So I will go only if there is a class or some other “good” reason.
    • Going to wander, learn, and generally enjoy  myself!
    • If you are going, too, or are in the area, let me know!
  • Warrenton, VA

    • Back on the road… uh, plane… again on September 18.
    • First staying the weekend in El Paso, TX, then flying to Virginia on September 22.
    • Going to visit my dad and brother, and friends, and do some sightseeing or other stuff that may be available – so I have post fodder!
    • Coming back to Texas on October 4.