Lubbock-PostcardI had my first couch surfing experience this last weekend!

It was in Lubbock, Texas. Lubbock, Texas?!?!? you ask? Yeppers! And this is why:

First, I spent the weekend of April 26-28 in Lamesa, Texas, at their annual Chicken Fried Steak Festival and Crossroads Hot Air Balloon Rally. I have crewed for hot air balloons since 1998, and several pilots I know were at the rally. So I attended as a crew member!

197738_567786993260844_1093705566_nSecond, since Lamesa is less than an hour’s drive to Lubbock, Texas, I scheduled for Monday morning a “before I hit the road” appointment with my doctor.

Needing to stay overnight in Lubbock, I decided to try couch surfing instead of staying with my friends. This way I would not only get a feel for couch surfing, but hopefully receive a good surfer reference on!

I posted my couch request on and quickly received a response from a wonderful couple! The husband has traveled the world for several years and has vast experience with couch surfing. They have a lovely home, and I was treated to a private bedroom and bath.

I had a delightful evening! I met another couch surfer who also stayed there. I was so exhausted, though, from the early mornings of hot air ballooning that I’m afraid I wasn’t the lively conversationalist that I wished to be. In spite of that, I was able to glean some excellent couch surfing tips from both the couch surfer and my hosts!

Armed with my first experience, I am ready to surf more couches — anywhere in the US and the world!

(Photo courtesy of City of Lamesa, Texas. For more photos, visit their Facebook page at: