scheduleI am almost in overwhelm! Now that I’ve decided to “live on the road”, the possibilities are endless! I think I’ve come up with a strategy that will get me started.

First, I believe (and in some cases, know!) that if I start traveling across the USA, and especially internationally, without visiting family and friends first, I could be in big trouble! So I’ve decided to accomplish these visits by the end of this year 2013. Places I need to go to are:

  • Warrenton, Virginia – of course! This is where my dad and brother live, as well as two best friends, with whom I stay. Plus lots of old high school friends.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina – home of one of my very best girlfriends who also happens to be a client.
  • Eastern North Carolina – to visit a cousin whom I haven’t seen about 35 years or so!
  • Eatonton, Georgia – home of another close girlfriend.
  • Valrico, Florida – home of an old fiance, who recently lost his wife – to provide some moral support.
  • New York City, New York – to visit another close girlfriend.
  • Jamestown, Ohio – to visit yet another close girlfriend!
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – to visit my best girlfriend from high school

Along the way, I may pick up a house/pet sitting gig or two. I’m looking at a couple outside of Boston in July. That would be a great place to visit! I’m also looking for possible gigs in the northeast of the US or Canada – for the beautiful fall foliage.

My dad’s 92nd birthday is on May 31. So I definitely have to go to Virginia first.

In the meantime, I need to set a tentative schedule – and lock in as much as I can. Plus I need to figure out what to put in storage and what to take with me. I’ve got lots to do in less than 8 weeks!