Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 1.28.39 PMHaving lived in Far West Texas for several years, I have forgotten the sultry, humid summers of my youth. So this summer, instead of sweltering in Virginia, North Carolina and now Georgia, I am embracing this cozy (for me!) weather!

Let me be clear! I am NOT working outside, exercising outside, nor any time of physical exertion! I am taking full advantage of friends’ porches (both screened and unscreened) — sitting in a chair and typing on a keyboard — so as to not “work up a sweat”. This is the only way to enjoy the humid heat and not curse it!

Today, here in Georgia, I did walk in the rain to the end of the drive to check the mail. The feel of the gentle raindrops, the sound of distant thunder, and the smell — oh, the smell! — of damp earth, green leaves, abundant flowers were so intoxicating that I was almost overwhelmed.

I just had to try to capture some of it on video. So here is the video of my friend’s garden in the gentle rain and breeze. You can hear the thunder as a storm approaches. Enjoy!