Yesterday was not your typical Fourth of July celebration here in Eatonton, Georgia!

About 3 pm, a major, hot thunderstorm came through.

Lightening hit with a big “CRACK!”, and my friend turned to me and said, “That was big one!”

About 30 minutes later, we lost power.

We soon learned that a tree was struck by that lightening — only about 1,000 feet from the house! The tree fell onto the power lines, which caused our power loss.

The Georgia Power guys worked on the lines from about 4 pm until about 1 am, when power was restored. These tough guys worked through almost constant rain and scattered thunderstorms. Thank you, Georgia Power & Electric workers!!!!

treeNot until today did we see the whole story…

When the tree was struck, it took awhile for it to succumb under its own weight and fall.

The tree fell across the road, taking out the power lines — and snapping a power pole in half! On top of that, the snapped power pole held the transformer for the entire local area!

In the first photo to the right, which I took this afternoon, you can see what’s left of the tree — just some large splinters still stuck in the ground.

poleIn the second photo, you can see the snapped pole. On its left side is the brand new full-length pole the power guys installed and rewired — mostly in the dark! If you look closely (by clicking the photo), you can see the raw edges of the snapped top of the pole. Its obvious how several sets of power lines were downed, which darkened hundreds of homes in this area.

Needless to say, nature did its part in giving us her fireworks!