raining on leavesThe storm has passed. It brought the booming thunder, close lightening strikes, buckets of rain – and the wonderful, delightful loss of electricity. Here in Georgia, USA, where I am currently staying, the sounds of nature without man’s cacophonous intrusion are tickling my senses.

I remember when I was growing up in rural Virginia the quiet of the day, and especially the night. The dark was so dark that you could feel totally wrapped up in its cocoon. The lightening bugs dancing their courtship. The Whip-O-Will’s call – which sounded spooky to me. To this day, hearing it gives me the shivers!

And the stars. Oh the stars! Today only those few who live in “dark sky” areas are able to still enjoy and appreciate the vast universe before our eyes in the night sky. (One of the reasons I so love Far West Texas.)

Nowadays, with our TVs, radios, computers, cell phones, and other devices – even our refrigerators! – we have lost our connection to the stillness. In fact, it seems that where silence is found, we must fill it with noise – rather than relish the joy of a bird chirping, the wind softly rustling the trees, the drops of rain on the roof.

I confess I am violating the quiet by sitting here on my MacBook, typing this post while on battery power. So I’m going to end now, and retreat to the screened porch to enjoy the stillness while it lasts – and let it comfort my soul.